LiveSupport Services Designed to Unleash Productivity & Eliminate Downtime.

Real-Time User Support helps productivity soar.

Endpoint Security  keeps your business data safe.

Remote Monitoring & Management eliminate IT downtime.

Strategic IT Advice  gives your business a competitive edge.

LiveSupport Features

Unlimited IT Management  

LiveSupport includes unlimited management of your business network. Let us configure, troubleshoot, optimize and secure everything from servers to network devices to printers and beyond. Everything that makes your company productive can be supported under a flat-rate support plan.

Unlimited Nationwide Helpdesk Support  

LiveSupport includes unlimited 24×7 remote desktop support for your staff. Our Maryland-based helpdesk techs will solve more than 95% of all your technical issues remotely and in a matter of minutes. Your business productivity will soar to new heights when you get started with LiveSupport.

Unlimited Managed AntiVirus

LiveSupport includes remotely managed antivirus software to protect your business from Internet threats like viruses, spyware, malware and phishing scams. You’ll rest easy knowing your company computers are safe and your staff will stay productive to keep your business moving.

Unlimited Monitoring and Remote Management

Our systems monitor your computers, servers and network 24/7. This provides for easy inventory of hardware & software, centralized patch installation and update and transparent issue resolution to many of your users’ support problems.


Destroy downtime with our overnight equipment replacement program. We keep extra computers on-hand and can overnight a pre-configured computer to your business so your staff doesn’t miss a beat if you need to replace a dead computer.

Strategic IT Advice

You need more than support. You need an IT advocate. Learn about new technology, the Cloud or new apps that will help you move your business forward. It’s included at no additional cost with every LiveSupport service agreement.

Stop Guessing IT.           Predict IT.

Predictable IT Security

Managed Antivirus agent combines best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance and ultra-low system overhead.  Your business data will be safe and secure from Internet threats while you rest easy knowing that your staff remains productive.

24/7 Monitoring

Downtime doesn’t stand a chance against System Won monitoring agents.  Our agents monitor your servers and desktops for security intrusions, disk issues and other common productivity-killers.  Predict higher up-time and increased productivity with 24/7 monitoring.

Flat Rate Service Model  

A flat-rate, unlimited support model enables you to predict your business IT support costs over the course of 1, 2 or even 3 years.  It also arms you with the knowledge of the cost of add staff as your business grows.  Predictable IT is power.

Quarterly Technology Consultations

Having real-time support is great but when it comes to predicting IT, you have to be able to see around the corner.  Our LiveSupport Consultants provide quarterly strategic IT advice to help your business plan for things like hardware upgrades, implementing new technologies and reviewing support performance.

Managed Servers & Desktops

The days of remote virtual desktop support are quickly fading.  Our LiveSupport monitoring agents are able to automatically detect and remedy many common computing problems like sluggish performance, hard drives filling up and printing snafus. In most cases, your staff doesn’t even know that we’re working on the issue and the issue is solved transparently in the background.