As a Washington DC business owner/manager, you know that problems in your IT department usually means problems with your business. For example, a downed server may have an impact on your accounting department or an over-worked tech will leave your users irritable. That’s where IT staffing comes in. IT staffing firms are a great way to mitigate the risk to your business when there are staffing problems in your IT department. Here’s just a few ways IT staffing agencies can rescue your business from IT department personnel issues.

IT Staffing Vacation

#1 Help Cover Vacations

24×7 availability is an often unspoken job description for the folks in your IT department. The endless demands of an unthankful user community will eventually set your IT team up for a well-deserved vacation. If your business has a small IT staff, and you don’t adequately back-fill your IT department when someone is absent, you may be setting yourself up for headaches when the IT director or help desk manager take a 2-week cruise to nowhere. Washington DC IT staffing agencies that are worth their salt should be able to fill your IT position quickly and with qualified help. Also, look at part-time or on-call options. If you don’t need someone onsite you can save a few dollars along the way.

#2 Help Cover Unexpected Absences

Life happens: Accidents, family deaths, maternal/paternal leave, medical conditions; all these events can have a big impact on your business if they happen to your IT staff suddenly. The impacts are more serious when a critical position in your IT department remains unfilled for weeks/months. Hiring an IT staffing firm in this scenario is a no-brainer. Not only can the positions be filled quickly, but they can also be filled at a lower cost than you might think. The benefits are well worth the expense and you will rest easier knowing that your IT operations will run uninterrupted no matter who’s sitting in the drivers seat.

Washington DC IT Staffing

#3 Help During IT Staff Terminations

Many business owners know that they need to make some hard choices about their IT departments. Maybe your IT director is constantly dropping the ball or worse, costing your business precious overhead dollars. In the event you need to terminate a key member of your IT department, Washington DC IT staffing agencies can quickly come to the rescue and for less money than you think. While each organization is different, you can often times get a temporary IT staffing solution in place within a couple of days. An added benefit is that your new IT temp can help review your IT operations, recommend improvements and also help with technical screenings.

#4 Help Recruit Staff

IT staffing is the ultimate try-before-you-buy opportunity. What better way to screen future employees than to outsource them for a few months and then offer to bring them on full time. With IT staffing you can do just that: make sure they know their stuff, make sure they are a good personality-fit and make certain they have the all-important professional & organizational skills.

Stressed IT Staffing

#5 Prevent Staff Burnout

If you’re team is looking at rolling out 300 desktops over 2 weeks and you only have 3 staff members, Washington DC IT staffing is a great way to speed the project along and keep the stress down on your overworked IT department. It can also be a great way to bring necessary expertise to the team and lighten the load on existing staff members. Depending on the exact need and duration of your staffing need, you can often times get very low hourly rates if the skill set is on the low side.

So there you have it. IT staffing is definitely not designed to be a full-time solution to your IT staffing needs; however, there are clearly times when it can be a life-preserver for your IT department and possibly your business. If you’re company, clients or revenues depend on your IT infrastructure, than it crystal clear to see the value IT staffing can bring to your business.

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