In an effort to keep our blog helpful and interesting, today I want to share a great story about a current client and how Qualatech made a difference in their business.  In early 2007, Qualatech was engaged to provide managed IT services for a mid-sized association-management firm located in Rockville, MD called (c) Management, Inc (“CMI”). When I met with the management team, I learned that they had about 25 knowledge-worker employees and were spending approximately $65K/year on a full-time in-house IT director. They had determined that while it wasn’t necessary to have a full-time IT administrator on staff, they didn’t want to lose the technical expertise and the ability to have someone respond to their needs in a timely manner.


Once the management team reviewed our service offerings, price-points and value-added options, they discovered a number of benefits and decided to move forward with Qualatech. Today, more than 6 years later, the company is still enjoying the savings and value they subscribed to in 2007. Here’s a quick break-down of CMI’s success with outsourcing with Qualatech and an example of the value they are receiving through Qualatech’s IT service offerings:

Benefit #1:  More Than 69% Reduction in Annual IT Support Costs

CMI was an ideal fit for Qualatech’s “Corporate” business support plan. Our business support plans provide a block of support at a fixed price, 24×7 on-call support, server/network monitoring, Cloud backups and a dedicated engineer. At a cost of $1,700/month, (c) Management, Inc. reduced their annual IT support costs from more than $65K to approximately $20K per year. That’s an annual savings of $44,600 not including the savings of taxes and employee benefits. The best part is they did this all while providing consistent support to a growing number of staff, servers and computers.

Benefit #2:  No Longer Dependent on a Single IT Administrator

IT staffing became a problem for CMI. They needed someone they could rely on to take care of their technical needs and yet there was not enough work for a full-time administrator. And from time to time, their IT administrator was out sick or on vacation. While he was more than able and willing to provide remote support, his absence had an impact on the company. When the administrator left CMI to take another position, CMI realized that the best solution was to work with a company where they weren’t dependent on one person and could contact them immediately if there was an emergency. With Qualatech, C-Management no longer had to place all their eggs in one basket for IT support. If their primary support engineer is on vacation, they can simply call our 24/7 Dispatch Center to get backup support. Problem fixed. Headache gone.


CMI Testimonial  2009

“We hired Qualatech 2 ½ years ago when our company downsized and we no longer needed a full-time network administrator. They have been an excellent “addition” to our staff. They came in and very systematically took charge of our network and computer hardware, keeping in mind our budget and our needs. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous to all of our employees. I highly recommend them without exception.”

Lois Utterback
Vice President
C-Management, Inc.
Rockville, MD


Benefit #3:  Disaster Prevention Services

Upon our initial review of CMI’s network, we discovered numerous technical issues which were addressed during the first couple months of service. For example, we decommissioned 4 servers, replaced battery backups and addressed a number of hardware issues. We replaced out-dated switches and firewalls. We also changed their network from publicly-assigned IPs on the desktops to a best-practices private IP range. Beyond these items, we implemented a reliable backup plan that rotated tapes (now disks) offsite. We installed Qualatech’s Cloud Backup agent which encrypts and copies data offsite. We installed Qualatech’s Guardian server monitoring agent so we can respond if a tech issue arises.  All of these fixes helped position CMI to better withstand a severe systems outage.

Washington DC IT Services

The Results

Today CMI enjoys a much lower total-cost-of-ownership of IT assets. The have reduced their servers from 8 to 2. They have maintained their IT support costs at around $20-25K/year. They have replaced aging (and support-needy) systems. They have implemented in-house IT support requests. They have realized an increase in IT functionality with Cloud files, remote access and wireless email & file access.

But to be honest, the cost savings is not what has kept CMI around. CMI is just one of many satisfied clients because of our people, our personal touch, our commitment to technical excellence and our responsiveness and fast service.  As always:  Kudos to the Qualatech Team.

If you would like to learn more about (c) Management, Inc. check out their website at www.c-managementinc.com

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